edomae5edomae4Operating in the heart of Texas, we proudly present EDOMAE ZUSHI – TOKYO STYLE SUSHI. A style originating thousands of miles away from our homeland, you may ask, “How close is this to the real thing?” For you to taste the traditional essence of EDOMAE ZUSHI, we air freight our selection of seafood from all parts of the world, which includes Canada, Hawaii, New York, and in addition, we import from Japan’s biggest fluton – Tsukiji. We set our standards higher than most Japanese establishments, and we may even seem stubborn at times in preserving the tradition and authenticity of the EDOMAE ZUSHI style. Cutting corners is often a euphemism for cost cutting, and the result would be mediocre quality. Only the freshest ingredients are used when serving you at Musashino. Along with enveloping you in our tradition, we strive to keep up with the changing times through our innovative menu. Enjoy!

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