Onigara Yaki

Simply grilled jumbo butterfly shrimp (2 pieces)

tuna tataki appetizer

Tuna Tataki Appetizer

Seared tuna cut into cubes served with our hybrid spicy sauce

tori kara age tei

Tori Kara Age Tei

Japanese style chicken nuggets, pre-marinated and seasoned with a side of japanese mashed potatoes

avocado kama

Avocado Kama

Avocado stuffed with shrimp, crab, and our special spicy sauce

avocado kama evo

Avocado Kama Evo

Half an avocado stuffed with smoked mussel and baked with spicy sauce

avocado kama evo lobster

Avocado Kama Evo Crawfish

Avocado stuffed with spicy crawfish and our special spicy sauce

tempura spider

Tempura Spider

Soft shell crab tempura with okra

gyu tataki

Gyu Tataki

Thinly sliced seared filet mignon (very rare) with roasted garlic in a soy sauce vinaigrette

shrimp tempura appetizer

Shrimp Tempura Appetizer

Two jumbo shrimp and vegetables, deep fried in tempura batter

vegetable tempura appetizer

Vegetable Tempura Appetizer

escolar kushiyaki

Escolar Kushiyaki

Marinated & rock grilled escolar skewers



Boiled soybeans still in the pod served hot or cold

Spicy Smoked Edamame

champs sashimi

Champ’s Sashimi

Choice of albacore tuna or salmon sashimi quickly marinated in jalapeno soy sauce – Request from former F-1 super bike champion Kevin Schwantz

Age Dofu

Age Dofu

Fried tofu served with tempura sauce garnished with grated daikon and ginger

ankimo kobachi

Ankimo Kobachi – Foie Gras of the Sea (seasonal)

Sake steamed monkfish paté with soy sauce vinaigrette (ponzu sauce)

badukan mussel

Bakudan Mussel (Mussel Dynamite)

Mussels on the half shell baked with our spicy mayo and topped with bonito fish flakes

mustu kasuzuke

Mutsu Kasuzuke

Grilled Chilean sea bass marinated in sake rees

sake kama shio yaki

Sake Kama Shio Yaki

Grilled salmon cheek (limited quantities available)


Swagani (seasonal)

Deep fried miniature live freshwater crabs

ika no sansai ae

Ika No Sansai Ae

Marinated squid salad with wild vegetable

gindara saikyo

Gindara Saikyo Yaki

Grilled Alaskan black cod marinated in saikyo miso


Atarime (Squid Jerky)

Dried squid, marinated and grilled – Great with beer & Sake

kazu special

Kazu Special

Tempura roll with smoked mussel, cream cheese and avocado. Served with spicy sauce

O Shinko

Pickled Japanese vegetables

u zaku

U Zaku

Skewers of unagi


Spicy Tofu Salad

Deep fried tempura tofu with mixed greens and a spicy fish sauce dressing

Seaweed Salad

Seaweed Salad

Various types of seaweed and cucumber


House Salad

Lettuce, cucumber, and tomato with your choice of ginger dressing or plum (ume) vinaigrette



Cucumber and fresh wakame seaweed salad in light soy sauce vinaigrette
with your choice of:
A. Surf clam, octopus, shrimp, vegetarian,
A. Snow crab


Miso Soup

Soy bean soup with tofu and scallions

Nameko Jiro

Miso soup with sticky mushroom (nameko)

From Our Kitchen

All of the following come with miso soup, house salad, and rice (except Udon). If you would like to have soup and salad served at the same time as your entree, please let your waitress know (Traditional Japanese way)

Nabeiyaki Udon

Nabeiyaki Udon

Udon noodle soup with shrimp tempura in clay pot. (Soup, salad and rice not included)


Chicken Katsu Curry

Breaded and deep fried chicken on top of rice with spicy curry

diamond steak

Diamond Steak

Cubed tenderloin (7 oz) with teriyaki sauce

surf and turf

Surf and Turf

7oz Grilled Filet Mignon with roasted garlic and shrimp teriyaki. Comes with grilled vegetables, yams, and our japanese mashed potato

mutsu no kasuzuke

Mutsu No Kasuzuke

Grilled Chilean sea bass marinated in sake rees with grilled asparagus

lemon chicken

Lemon Chicken

Grilled chicken breast sautéed with lemon rosemary sauce


Chicken Teriyaki

Grilled chicken sautéed in teriyaki sauce

Salmon Teriyaki

8 oz filet grilled and sautéed in teriyaki sauce

grilled salmon

Grilled Salmon

Served with lemon rosemary sauce

shokado bento

Shokado Bento (seasonal special)

Combination of bento box with sushi, tempura, chicken kiji yaki, salmon teriyaki, and more (salad included in the box)

una ja

Una Ju

Grilled unagi (eel) served over a bed of rice in a ju box

Chicken Fried Chicken (Tori Katsu)

Japanese style fried chicken served with Japanese worcestershire sauce - breast only

Tempura Dinner

Jumbo shrimp, asparagus, yam, and broccoli

Sushi Entrees - Chef's Choice

Come with miso soup and house salad

sushi regular

Sushi Regular

7 pieces of sushi and 3 pieces of a (California) roll

sushi deluxe

Sushi Deluxe

7 pieces of sushi and 2 pieces of a futo maki

vegetable sushi

Vegetable Sushi

7 pieces of vegetable sushi and 3 pieces of a roll

all cooked sushi

All Cooked Sushi

7 pieces of sushi and 3 pieces of a (Cali) roll

super deluxe

Super Deluxe (Tokujo Nigiri)

10 pc of sushi and a traditional roll (usually Toro Taku or Beni Toro) uni or ikura sushi is available by request

sushi sashimi combo

Sushi/Sashimi Combo

Same as Sushi Deluxe plus an assortment of sashimi


Starting at $100.00 and up per person or unlimited Chef’s choice of extreme assortment of the day


Most fish is available for sashimi. Half Order = 5 pieces or Full Orders = 7 pieces. The following comes with a bowl of rice upon request

sashimi moriawase

Sashimi Moriawase

Special assortment for two or more
(For large orders or groups, it is suggested that this is ordered ahead of time)

sashimi deluxe

Sashimi Deluxe

Individual size assortment of sashimi (for one)
5 different types of fish, 2 cuts of each fish:
Salmon, Tuna, Escolar, Yellowtail, and Shima Zushi

Rolls Born in the USA

road runner

Road Runner

Choice of soft shell crab claws or salmon with scallions & habanero infused caviar, wrapped with black squid ink rice, topped with avocado, tempura flakes & habanero caviar. Served with hybrid sauce (jalapeno garlic mayo)

big southern

Big Southern

Tuna roll with habanero smelt caviar, wrapped in squid ink infused sushi rice topped with avocado and tempura flakes with a side of our hybrid sauce (jalapeno garlic mayo)

texas road kill

Texas Road Kill

Your choice tuna or salmon with avocado, & cucumber, wrapped with habanero, jalapeno, and smelt caviar with a side of our special spicy mayo

texas hybrid

Texas Hybrid

Your choice of tuna or salmon, rolled with rice paper, avocado, and scallions

spicy spider roll

Spicy Spider Roll

Deep fried soft shell crab claws and smelt caviar roll, wrapped with avocado on the outside served with our special spicy mayo

south sider

South Sider

Your choice of unagi or yellowtail with habanero caviar, mint leaf, avocado and red sweet radish, wrapped in rice paper, drizzled with sweet and hot chili oil

black widow

Black Widow

Deep fried soft shell crab with habanero caviar, japanese mayonnaise, and black squid ink infused rice. Served with jalapeno soy

34 special

34 Special

Your choice of tuna or salmon with habanero caviar topped with two types of flying fish caviar served with a side of our jalapeno soy sauce

big red

Big Red

Your choice of smoked salmon or smoked escolar with sawagani (miniature crabs), okra, Japanese purple pickled cucumbers, and radish sprouts wrapped in habanero caviar

good time roll

Good Time Roll

Spicy crawfish and cucumber with avocado on the outside served with our hybrid sauce (jalapeno garlic mayo)

spicy crawfish tempura roll

Spicy Crawfish Tempura Roll

Chunk of crawfish and avocado, served with spicy hybrid sauce

rock and roll

Rock and Roll

Jumbo shrimp tempura, smelt caviar, lettuce, avocado, and sweet sauce

spicy roll

Spicy Roll

Rolled with avocado and Japanese cucumber with your choice of:
A. Tuna
B. Salmon
C. Shrimp
D. Smoked Mussel
E. Scallop
Please specify smelt caviar or sesame seeds on the outside

raibow roll

Rainbow Roll

California roll with tuna, salmon, shrimp, avocado, and white fish on the top


Spider Roll

Deep-fried soft shell crab, smelt caviar

spider roll evo

Spider Roll Evo

Same as the Spider Roll but with tempura soft shell crab (served with tempura sauce)

marilyn monroll

Marilyn Mon-Roll

A generous amount of unagi and avocado with smelt caviar and sesame seeds on the outside


Ozzy Roll

Unagi (eel), shrimp, avocado, and cucumber with smelt caviar on the outside

ozzy II roll

Ozzy II Roll

Unagi, yellowtail, and avocado with sesame seeds and smelt caviar on the outside

elvis roll

Elvis Roll

Tuna, yellowtail, avocado, cucumber, and radish sprouts with smelt caviar on the outside (five large cuts)

evil knevil roll

Evil Knevil Roll

Fresh salmon, avocado, cucumber, and ooba leaf with smelt roe and sesame seeds on the outside, sprinkled with lemon zest on top

salmon skin roll

Salmon Skin Roll

Crunchy toasted salmon skin, cucumber, and scallion with dried bonito flakes on the outside

alaskan roll

Alaskan Roll

Smoked salmon, avocado, and cucumber with smelt caviar on the outside

philly roll

Philly Roll

Alaskan roll with cream cheese

hawaiian roll

Hawaiian Roll

Tuna, avocado, and cucumber with sesame seeds on the outside

caterpillar roll

Caterpillar Roll

California roll with avocado wrapped on the outside with eel

aparagus tempura roll

Asparagus Tempura Roll

with avocado on top

California Roll

Crab, avocado, cucumber, and a choice of:
A. Tobiko (flying fish eggs)
B. Masago (smelt eggs)
C. Goma (sesame seeds)
D. Plain
E. Crunchy Tempura flakes
F. Sesame seeds, smelt caviar, and flying fish caviar and real snow crab

A La Carte Nigiri Sushi

One piece per order. Fish of the Day changes daily depending on the shipment from Japan. All of the following are raw sushi

Toro Hagashi

Fatty Tuna without vein

Toro Aburi

Seared fatty tuna

Big Eye Tuna

Mabachi Maguro (Northeast)

Blue Fin Tuna

Hon Maguro (Meji Maguro) (Northeast)

Fatty Tuna

Chu Toro / Toro O'Toro / Kama Toro

Bincho (Bin Naga) Maguro

Albacore tuna (seared)


Bin Toro

Fatty Albacore (when available)

Maguro Zuke

Traditional style tuna marinated in special soy sauce

Nama Sake

Fresh salmon

Sake Toro

Fatty salmon

Live Clams

When available. Please ask.


Yellowtail jack

Hamachi Kama

Yellowtail cheek (best part of yellowtail)


Sea bass (striped bass) (Northwest)

Shima Zushi

Hot chili, soy sauce marinated white fish. O Shima Island style


Flounder (fluke) (Northeast)

Madai (Tai)

Red snapper with seared skin (Pacific; when available)


Botan Ebi

Jumbo prawn shrimp (raw) with fried shrimp head


Mackerel (Norway)


Suicide Salmon

Habanero fish caviar and Thai chili pepper on top



Monkfish liver (steamed) Japan

Mongo Ika

Squid (cuttlefish)


Japanese scallop


Sea urchin (Northwest)


Tanin Bune

Sea urchin and salmon caviar

Escolar (Dog tooth Tuna)


Hidden Fjord

Iceland salmon (when available)

Cold Smoked Salmon

House smoked


Cold Smoked Escolar

House smoked escolar (super white fish) topped with capers


Spicy Scallop

With avocado


Wagyu Toro

Certified 100% Japanese black hair fatty beef


Smelt caviar


Ikura (Sujiko)

Salmon caviar


Flying fish caviar (eggs)

Cooked Sushi


Maine Lobster Tail

Rock grilled lobster tail

Zuwai Gani

Snow scrab

Tempura Asparagus

Spicy Smoked Mussel



Saltwater eel with salt and yuzu (Japanese lime) or sweet eel sauce

Hokki Gai

Surf clam (Canada)





Fresh water eel


Egg (HEB Premium)

Baby Octopus

Whole baby octopus




Traditional Rolls

Toro Taku

Fatty tuna roll with takuan (pickled radish)



Fatty tuna with scallions



Yellowtail with scallions


Slamon Skin Hosomaki

Crispy salmon skin with pickled shiso pickled cucumber (shiba zuke)


Ika Ume Jiso

Cuttlefish, pickled plum, ooba leaf, and cucumber


Tekka Maki


Kappa Maki

Japanese cucumber


Tanin Maki

Salmon roe and sea urchin (ikura and uni)

http://musashinosushi.com/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=menu-dinner&paged=6Shinko Maki

Pickled burdock (mountain carrot) and daikon radish (takuan)

U Maki

Unagi (eel) with cucumber


Gedo Maki

Mackerel with scallions

Natto Maki

Fermented soybeans

Kampyo Maki

Gourd strips


Ume Jiso

Pickled plum with mint leaf

Temaki (Hand Rolls)

The following hand rolls are chef’s favorites, but we can make almost anything into a hand roll. Just ask your waitperson


Spicy Hand Rolls

Cucumber, and avocado with our special spicy sauce. Your choice of tuna, salmon, shrimp, mussel or scallop

Toro Taku

Fatty tuna with takuan (pickled radish)

Spicy Spider

Softshell crab, avocado, and smelt eggs with our spicy sauce


Softshell crab, spicy radish sprouts, and smelt caviar



Fatty tuna hand roll with ooba leaf


Yellowtail with scallions



Mackerel, mint leaf, and scallions


Salmon Skin

With cucumber and bonito flakes


Shrimp, unagi (eel), cucumber, and smelt caviar

Spicy Crawfish

Spicy crawfish, avocado, and cucumber with our hybrid spicy sauce

Rock and Roll (Ten Musu)

Shrimp tempura

Ika Ume

Cuttlefish, ooba leaf, cucumber, and pickled plum


green tea ice cream


Green tea ice cream

red bean ice cream


Red bean ice cream


Mango Sorbet

Mango ice cream with a key lime



Japanese style with Baileys and Grand Marnier

tempura ice cream

Tempura Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream wrapped in pound cake, fried in tempura batter and topped with whipped cream, roasted almond slivers, coconut flakes and coffee beans
With brandy sauce

Tempura Crepe

With brandy sauce